21 Sep 2011

Workflow Association SharePoint

Associate Workflow with List

Browse to the Settings page of the target list and select the Workflow Settings menu item, under the Permissions And Management menu group

Associate the workflow with a target list


Workflow Versioning



Remove option
Forcibly remove the workflow association without waiting for any running
instances to conclude, the workflow engine of SharePoint will terminate running instances


No New Instances
It prevent new instances of the workflow,
Just after the completion of all the running instances, you can forcibly remove the association.

Correlation Tokens

The hosting environment determines the right workflow instance to deliver the event to, based on that instance ID and the correlation token

Using a correlation token that correlates all the activities related to a specific task
will help the runtime and the workflow instance to uniquely identity the target task inside the
workflow and the corresponding target activity for the event.


Site Workflows

You need to start them manually. To start such workflows, go to the View All Site Content page and select the Site Workflows command

You can start the workflow, provide initiation parameters (if there is an initiation form page), and monitor the workflow status page and history list.

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