1 Oct 2011

Capabilities of SharePoint 2010


  1. Sites

    1. Ribbon UI
      SharePoint Workspace
      SharePoint Mobile
      Office Client and Office Web App Integration
      Standards Support

  2. Communities

    1. Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings
      Social Bookmarking
      Blogs and Wikis
      My Sites
      Activity Feeds
      Profiles and Expertise
      Org Browser

  3. Content

    1. Enterprise Content Types
      Metadata and Navigation
      Document Sets
      Multi-stage Disposition
      Audio and Video Content Types
      Remote Blob Storage
      List Enhancements

  4. Search

    1. Social Relevance
      Phonetic Search
      FAST Integration
      Enhanced Pipeline

  5. Insights

    1. PerformancePoint Services
      Excel Services
      Chart Web Part
      Visio Services
      Web Analytics
      SQL Server Integration

  6. Composites

    1. Business Connectivity Services
      InfoPath Form Services
      External Lists
      SharePoint Designer
      Visual Studio
      API Enhancements


Web Applications:



Collaboration includes the following templates: Team Site, Blank Site, Document Workspace, Blog, Group Work Site, and Visio Process Repository.


Templates are: Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace, Decision Meeting Workspace, Social Meeting Workspace, and Multipage Meeting Workspace.


These templates target enterprise-level needs in the areas of document management, policies, and so on. They include Document Center, Records Center, PowerPoint Broadcast Site, Business Intelligence Center, Enterprise Search Center, My Site Host, Basic Search Center, and FAST Search Center.


Templates are Publishing Portal and Enterprise Wiki.


This is where you can develop your own site templates. Also in this group is a list of all the available custom templates, if any exist.

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