2 Oct 2011

Server Object Model SharePoint


SharePoint Server Object Model hierarchy:

  • SPFarm
    • SPService
      • SPWebApplication
        • SPSite
          • SPWeb
            • SPList
            • SPWeb
              • SPList
          • SPWeb
            • SPList



  • Manage entire SharePoint Server Farm
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespace
  • You can connect to an existing Farm, or create a new Farm
  • Important Methods:
    • Create
    • Open
      public static SPFarm Open(SqlConnectionStringBuilder connectionString, SecureString passphrase)
  • Important Properties
    • Servers : to enumerate all the physical servers that belong to the Farm as objects of type SPServer
    • Services : has the type SPServiceCollection and contains different kinds of services, all sharing a common base class of type SPService
      • SPWindowsService,
      • SPWebService.



SPSite Constructor with max parameters:

public SPSite(Guid id, SPUrlZone zone, SPUserToken userToken);

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