1 Oct 2011

SharePoint Architecture


architecture of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Software and hardware requirements of SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint farm

SharePoint farm is a set of servers that have different roles and offer various services that together make up a server farm suitable for hosting a full SharePoint deployment.

Server roles:

Front-end web servers
These servers publish websites, often called web applications.

Application servers
These servers host back-end services, such as the search index service, the crawler service, and so forth.

Database servers
These servers store configuration and content data for the entire SharePoint farm.


Deployment Topology

Single tier deployment
One server performing all roles.

Two-tier deployment
For the sake of scalability and business continuity, you should deploy a minimum
of two front-end web servers and a back-end database server.

Three-tier farm deployment
It has dedicated application servers.


SQL Server Databases:

SharePoint_ Config_<UniqueId> : Main and fundamental farm configuration database

Content Database:  A Content Database is a database file that stores content for one or more Site Collections.

sample SharePoint farm with a three-tier topology
Sample SharePoint farm with a three-tier topology

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