1 Oct 2011

SharePoint Version Comparison vs


SharePoint Foundation

  • It is free.
  • Accessibility, cross-browser support, basic search features, out-of-thebox
    Web Parts, Silverlight support, new UI features based on dialogs and ribbons, blogs and
    wikis, and the workflow engine
  • Basic infrastructure of Business Connectivity
  • SharePoint Health Analyzer
  • Custom development, including the Web Parts programming model, the Server Object Model, the Client Object Model, Event Receivers, Claims-Based security


SharePoint Server Standard

  • Useful for building business-level solutions
  • This edition provides legal compliance capabilities, including records management, legal holds, and
    document policies, Document sets, Document IDs
  • Content Management System solution that provides features, such as content publishing, content approval, page layouts, web standards (XHTML, WCAG 2.0, etc.) support,
  • Supports tags and metadata-driven search refinement, people search, and some other social features
  • Managing people, profiles, and personal sites


SharePoint Server Enterprise

  • Targets large business solutions and enterprise-level organizations.
  • Support for dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and business intelligence features.
  • Improves search capabilities by offering contextual search, deep search query refinement, extreme scale-out search capabilities, rich web indexing,
  • Support for Excel Services, Visio Services, InfoPath Forms Services, and Access Services


SharePoint for Internet Sites

Targets web publishing sites, whether the users are anonymous or authenticated

Two Internet site editions:

  • Standard Edition for Internet Sites
  • Enterprise Edition for Internet Sites

Standard Edition for Internet Sites is licensed for publishing a single domain website

Enterprise Edition for Internet Sites can publish multiple domains


SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online is the cloud-based SharePoint offering, based on the Software
as a Service (SaaS) paradigm included in Microsoft Office 365


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